I can’t make your show great

But I can make it better



From the moment I got to “help” a local radio DJ host a promotion at our family’s bowling alley, I was hooked.

On announcing and hosting, not bowling. I’m truly over bowling.

Since then I’ve piled up over a thousand shows of all types from C-suite functions to county fairs and sports, sports, & more sports. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about live events of all types and how the announcer fits in.

This broad range of experience allows me to deliver exactly what each producer needs with a minimum of explanation, including producers that aren’t quite sure what they need. (If that’s you, check out live events for more help.)

On stage, off stage, no stage – live announcing can make a difference in your next show. Make it the good kind of difference, contact me today for a free quote.



Day of show is always hectic. But when P.J. walks in, I relax because I know he will nail his part of the show and help with what’s needed.

Chad Bergmeier, Iowa Athletic Commission


P.J. is one of the best announcers working today. He knows how to work crowds, fill gaps, bring energy, program music, and create an atmosphere of fast-paced fun.

Doug Miller, former USHL GM


In a 3-day meeting filled with high-level speakers, interactive media, and caviar receptions, the most buzz was from P.J.’s work. We made ‘Who is that voice?’ into a big reveal!

Chris Wallace, Producer  CreativemindsDATA


I’ve been announced by dozens of announcers – both the Buffers, Jimmy Lennon, all those guys – and you’re the first one to get my name right!

Salvatore Damato, mma judge


P.J. Stoppleworth, congratulations! You have the best ring announcer name of all time!

Cage potato, mma website

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